vegan lasagne cooked

a classic redone, the vegan way – lasagne

A classic redone, the vegan way – lasagne

Wedding in May

When you are alone for days or weeks at a time, you eventually become drawn to…

mökki 2015

We spent a week in a cottage in central Finland, here are some impressions.


An abandoned area in Helsinki.


Views of a mighty venue called Huvila, Helsinki.

Super Saturday

SuperSaturday - full of swimming and running.

beetroot brownies

This recipe is a variation. Inspiration is taken from the vegan cookbook…

views from a walk

views from a walk in Vuosaari

Bodomtrail 2016

Bodom trail running 2016.


Luomus, the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

Openwater week

Super swim week - five days of swimming.


Moving on - my endurance endeavours in transition - exploring swimrun.

Söderskär 2016

Trip to the Söderskär lighthouse, 2016.

Protected: JaakkolaP

Kuvia vuodelta 2003 ja 2016 ja kutakuinkin samat ihmiset.


August 14 2016, swimrun event called Lake to lake in Luukki.

Everything by my side

Everything by my side by Fernando Rubio in Helsinki hosted by Helsinki…


Mexrrissey and Talmud Beach on stage of Huvila, Helsinki Festival, 2016.

Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb and Dave Lindhol on stage of Huvila, Helsinki Festival, 2016.

Sea lives

Sea lives - Helsinki Festival, Night of the Arts, 2016.

panoplano – how to

A step by step guide for your own small world or tiny world photograph.


The Kaisa library in Helsinki.

project Alps

First it was an idea or rather a simple joke which at some point - once you…

Flow 2017

Flow 2017

Flowfestival 2017

Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau

trail running in the Swiss Alps

Up there and back again, a trail runner's journey.

Vartiosaari 2017

Glimpses from Vartiosaari, 2017.

sun set at Uutela

Sun set caught from Uutela, Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Mustakivi playground

bird’s eye view

Looking at your neighbourhood from a bird's eye view.

Aurinkolahti, Vuosaari

Aurinkolahti panorama

Famous Aurinkolahti beach in Vuosaari from a bird's eye view.

Port of Helsinki, Vuosaari

Port of Helsinki, Vuosaari

Uutela, Port of Helsinki

Kalastama Sörnäinen, Helsinki


Kalasatama the former harbour area now heavily re-built and turned into a…


on a Monday

Helsinki from below 150 meters, this afternoon I visited midtown and Hakaniemi,…

the observatory


Helsinki from below 150 meters, I visited Tähtitorninvuori, Helsinki.

Koski Tl

Koski TL

Rural views of Koski Tl, Finland.

pizza oven

pizza oven

An outdoor pizza oven built in the middle of nowhere in Finland.

Kaartinkaupunki, Helsinki


#Helsinkifromabove, but below 150 meters, now Punavuori and Kamppi, Helsinki.

Ympyrätalo, Kallio

Helsinki in July 2018

Parts of Helsinki city centre from below 150 meters, as seen in July 2018.


random views of Vuosaari

Random aerial views of Vuosaari, as seen on August 12 2018.

REDI shopping centre and the high-rise majakka being built.

REDI – majakka

REDI shopping centre and the high-rise majakka being built.



Ramsinniemi, east Helsinki.

Vuosaari rooftop

Vuosaari rooftops

Some rooftops in Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Central Vuosaari lit by the evening sun.

Central Vuosaari

Central Vuosaari lit by the evening sun, Helsinki.

Vuosaari rooftop, triplet

Vuosaari rooftops vol. 2

Here are some more rooftops of Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Smallworld, Kartanon kenttä.

September 9

Views of Vuosaari, east Helsinki - from two different locations.

Bridges connecting Helsinki's south with its north.


Bridges connecting Helsinki's south with its north.

Mannerheimintie, Helsinki


Mannerheimintie, Helsinki. One of the central avenues leading into the city…

from the west

Views of Vuosaari, east Helsinki - from two different locations.

Pasila to Kalasatama

Views from along a walk from Pasila to Kalasatama, Helsinki.

Finlandia hall

Finlandia Hall

Photographs of are from within the Finlandia hall.

Cirrus October 2018

Cirrus in October 2018

The highrise Cirrus in Vuosaari, Helsinki in October 2018.


From Helsinki by train to Astana, 2018.

Mannerheimintie 22 November

Aerial views of Mannerheimintie, Helsinki. Taken on 22 November 2018.

Itä-Pasila, murale


Aerial views of Itä-Pasila, Helsinki. Taken on 25 November 2018.


Kuinka päädyin vuoden urheilulliseen 2019 haasteeseeni ja alkava matkani sen…


Matkasuunnittelmani Lappiin kehittyvät, majoitus on varmistettu.

south Kallio

Views from along a walk from Pasila to Kalasatama, Helsinki.

Kontula Electronic 2019

Kontula electronic 2019

Kontula electronic 2019, Helsinki. The festival kicked off with a gig in the…

Kalasatama back again

From time to time I revisit the area of Kalasatama, Helsinki which is…

Kona, Lappiin ja takaisin

Sinne ja takaisin – sähköautollakin pääsee

Matkasuunnitelmani piti ja itse matka Lapin Juoksenkiin onnistui kaikin puolin.…

walking around Kivinokka

A few photographs from a walk in Kivinokka, Helsinki on 10 August 2019.

sunrise at Uutela

The following takes are from this morning, January 2 2020, taken in Uutela,…

winter shots

Waiting for winter! a winter that never came. Southern Finland's winter…

Vuosaari landfill

Views from running up and down Vuosaari landfill on a snow less Sunday while…

hanami Vuosaari 2020

Cherry trees blooming in Vuosaari, Finland - 2020

Protected: Kaunissaari 2020

Two nights on Kaunissaari, an islands just off Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Kaunissaari 2020

Kaunissaari August 2020, camping.

wide feet looking for shoes

Me and my experiences with running shoes, 2020.

Topo MTN Racer

MTN Racer

On the trails, short review of Topo Athletic's MTN Racer trail shoe.

winter swimming 2.1.2021

winter swimming

winter swimming 2.1.2021

time to swim

Another random weekend

Another random weekend, some running and swimming.


Avanto - winter swimming 15.1.2021, Rastila, Helsinki.

The MS Finnmaid in the Port of Helsinki on Feb 2nd 2021.

MS Finnmaid

The MS Finnmaid is arriving at the Port of Helsinki on Feb 2nd 2021.

Offshore Ib, blue.

Robinson Crusoe

offshore, out and about on the frozen sea just off Vuosaari, Helsinki -…


Offshore, a few glimpses from my walk on the Baltic Sea, which in early 2021…



Views of Delfiinikortteli (dolphin block, under construction) - 21.3.2021.

Finnish tango, Seinäjoki

Finnish tango

In 2005 I was the local guide to a Swiss documentary team who were spending a…

Finnish tango dance completion about to start at the annual tango competition in Seinäjoki, Finland (2006).

dance on

My Finnish tango series continues with this second photo!

Pohjavedenpuisto, Vuosaari, Helsinki


Pohjavedenpuisto, Vuosaari, Helsinki

By the lake.

a Finnish lakescape

views of a Finnish lakescape


Etelä-Vuosaaren yllä

Näkymiä Etelä-Vuosaaresta, mm. Port of Helsinki, Uutelan kanava, Aurinkolahti,…


Härkäsaari 2021

Erään Härkäsaaressa vierailleen kuvia ja videoita