Monday was a day off of work, in fact our team at work set out together to explore some of the less known areas of Helsinki, Kruunuvuori just south of Kulosaari. It is a rather remote area reachable by bus, bicycle or private car, I am not sure though if there are any parking lots anywhere close to.

Before reaching Kruunuvuorenranta we walked through Tullisaaren puisto, a park between Laajasalo, Herttonimenranta and Kruunuvuori. The following photos are from this part of our walk.

As the name suggests Kruunuvuori is a is not flat, yet it is not a real mountain either, a handsome hill at best. Climbing up nevertheless requires good shoes as paths may be muddy. There are still a few villas left tucked away in the woods even though some of them have gotten burnt down and with the arsonist(s) still at large the future of those villas is uncertain.

Heading on towards the treeless area onto of Kruunuvuori you are treated to splendid and quite unique view over Helsinki from afar. You might consider taking a tele lens with you if you wish to capture the city more closely.