Kaunissaari 2017

From July 6th to 8th we were back on the island. We packed our backpacks with tents, sleeping bags, food and island attitude and went summer camping on the recreational island Kaunissaari, just off Vuossaari, Helsinki. The island is accessible by a one hour ferry boat (NorsöLine) ride or a water going vessel of your own choosing.

Below are a some views from this trip. Quite a few photographs have been taken through a Phoenix 500mm f/8 mirror lens which is manual focus lens.

The boat connecting Kaunissaari with the mainland leaving Vuosaari – in the middle the high-rise Cirrus.

Ducks flying in formation.

Kaunissaari 2017

Just off the southern most beach on Kaunissaari.

 A herring gull (larus argentatus) on a rock.

 The sea – the Gulf of Finland.

Public camp fire shelter – nicely hidden.

The Södeskär lighthouse looming in the distance.

Happy islanders out of focus.

Goldmoss stonecrop (sedum acre) thriving in rather inhospitable environments.

A natural pool with its own microcosmos.

Valerian (valeriana officinalis).

Cirrus and the highest building (Mokka) to date of the new coffee block new seen from Kaunissaari.

The highest structures of the northern part of Helsinki city. From left (south) to right (north): Kallio church, chimney of the Hanasaari power plant, tower (white) of the Olympic Stadium, chimney of the Myllypuro power plant (?), …, Linnanmäki. 

 A detail of the natural pool seen in a previous photograph.

 The smooth rocks gently gliding into the sea.

Close up of goldmoss stonecrop (sedum acre).

Lovely cumulus (mediocris) clouds in a row.

A split birchonality.

Germander speedwell (veronica chamaedrys).

Nicely rounded stones in a pothole to be.

Eight o’clock in the morning, view towards south.

Grass snake (natrix natrix) sunbathing.

Tree logs left by a path in the woods – a little while ago.

Common tern (sterna hirundo) by the pier.

The Port of Helsinki with the Gatehouse and the coloured cranes. In the centre of the photo is the former landfill of Vuosaari. Photograph taken from the pier (north side of the island).

The ferry boat Norsö II arriving at Kaunissaari.

Heading home to the main land – looking back from the boat.

One more glimpse on Söderskär – the lighthouse island.

Rolling water hills.

Fluid dunes – one after the other.

Upon entering Vuosaari bay with the quite famous Aurinkolahti (sun bay) beach.