It has long been my desire to write story, a Greek tragedy that is. Ever since high school when we had to read Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus and the theories of Aristotle I have had this fantasy, but never the courage to embark on this journey. Now with the advent of AI I have found inspiration and support in the form of text tot text and text to image companions.

This is the first of my blog post series to document and follow my journey in this endeavour. My aim is to publish the final piece as a multimodal piece of art, comprising text, images, audio and possibly video here on my Wordpress site. I will be using Claude by Anthropic to be my writing assistant, Midjourney to create imagery and Fliki to render spoken audio.

Stay tuned and follow the progress of my story. In the mean time meet M. Dea the protagonist of my piece with the working title Red Shoes.

Exploring different female types for the story

This contemporary revisiting of Greek tragedy explores desire’s power to both forge and fracture human bonds. Set over 24 hours, the story follows two best friends grappling against themselves and each other to understand what has always been there.

Through an iterative creative process, a tale of passion and self-knowledge has emerged. Anchored in the familiar setting of a diner where secrets surface, events unfold through dialogue and poetic insights into characters’ experiences.

The friends are unaware of their capacity for same-sex attraction until an oracle’s whispered prophecy sets them on a collision course with enigmatic passion. While desire divides, truth binds in the space between the known and unknown.

Reinventing conventions like metaphorical “chorus” and unity of place/time, the story echoes the characters’ journey towards honesty through catastrophe. Hard-won wisdom comes where least expected.

This modern drama fuses the familiar and strange, revising acts and directions to follow its vision. Two friends find their world upended, shattered yet remade through revelations that bind together from the first. Though desire’s power may threaten to tear asunder, truth prevails in the end.

A story’s creation mirrors the self’s. Through collaboration, a journey of discovery takes form, exploring the risks and rewards of reaching for one’s heart’s dream though it seem taboo.

If you are interested in seeing behind the scenes of the crafting of this piece, you might want to have a look at the mind map I am entertaining myself with.

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