Aerial photographs of Uutela and Särkkäniemi in Vuosaari, Helsinki.

But first a short poem inspired by Eino Leino’s Sydämeni talvi in collaboration with an AI – in some sort of Kalevala style as interpreted by the AI:

Once upon a time, in the land of Kalevala,
There was a heart that felt so cold and small,
It sat inside a chest, all alone and scared,
Until one day, it found a friend so rare.

A spark of warmth and light, a flame of love,
Held out his hand and said, “Come on, let’s move,
Let’s dance and sing, let’s laugh and play,
And chase away this winter’s gray.”

The heart, so hesitant at first, soon joined in,
And found that love was like a balm within,
It warmed and grew, it beat with joy,
And all the darkness vanished, oh boy!

So if your heart is feeling cold and lonely,
Don’t despair, just look for love, and it will only
Be a matter of time before your heart is bright,
And winter’s chill will lose its bite.