This post contains photographs from along a walk from Pasila to Kalasatama, Helsinki on October 8, 2018. A few photos are highlighted in the actual body of this post – there are more in the gallery at the end. Most of the photographs are aerial takes, only the last ones, I guess you’ll noticed which are shot with a DSLR.

Initially I wanted to cover the huge building site in and around Pasila with Tripla as its centre piece much like REDI in Kalasatama, just down the road (Teollisuuskatu). But as so often I noticed there are other interesting areas and sights, once the drone is up. Alppila for instance, the colourful residential area along Aleksis Kiven katu is quite stunning as will be the facade along Teollisuuskatu.

So I went from Pasila to Alppila with my goal to grab lunch in REDI which I eventually did, but I ended up walking there. What a nice way of getting to know your city more intimately and stumbling across gems here and there.

These photographs are part of my #helsinkifromabove series.

Pasila railway station and the shopping centre Tripla – under construction. View towards north.

Veturitalli, just south off Pasila station.

Ratapiha, entering Helsinki from north by train.

A #smallworld / #tinywolrd or as I call them in my portfolio #panoplano shot with Veturitalli in the centre.

Alppila, the colourful block just east of Aleksis Kiven katu.

Moving on, views from along Teollisuuskatu.

Still along Teollisuuskatu.

At some point the largest mural work in Helsinki, Pääskylänkatu.

And here all photos in a gallery.

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