The area around Kalasatama is next to Pasila and its Tripla project currently the hot spot of construction in Helsinki. I commute by metro and so I get to witness the building frenzy in Kalasatama – daily. It’s incredible at what pace buildings are being erected and new land for more buildings amassed.

On June 16 2019 I revisited the area Kalasatama which in fact has two major building sites. One being the area right around the metro station Kalasatama with REDI at its core and Sompasaari being the other. Both areas see a massive reshaping of urban space. Sompasaari used to be an industrial port and Kalasatama (to some extent still is) a market retail hub with a impressive concentration of Cash & Carry firms.

I frequently visit Kalasatama because it is so intriguing. You may be interested in comparing this latest post with Redi Majakka or this one. One of the photos of this post has been featured in Le Monde’s article A Helsinki, la smart city à hauteur de citoyen.

As always at the end of this post is a gallery containing all photos.

These photographs are part of my #helsinkifromabove series, see for instance my Instagram account with the same name.

Photo below. Looking north over the bay called Vanhankaupunginselkä. Next to Majakka another highrise called Loisto is growing. At their foot is Kalasatama metro station.

A skate park in Suvilahti an area between Kalasatama and Sompasaari. The open space in Suvilahti is frequently used for huge cultural events like concerts and festivals Flow and Tuska being the most international ones.

The southern part of Kalasatama – on your left hand side is north. From left to right: Redi’s Majakka (the highrise), Mustikkamaa and Korkeasaari (both islands, the latter being the zoo), Sompasaari with its southern tip still without buildings, Katajanokka and finally Hanasaari power plant’s chimney.

(This vast panorama is best viewed in the gallery below as you can only see a bit of it here).

Looking south towards downtown Helsinki.

Looking south towards downtown Helsinki now with focus on Sompasaari. It’s just like a SIMS view, isn’t it?