Views from Vartiosaari, an island in the eastern part of the Helsinki archipelago.

Vartiosaari is a 82-hectare island in eastern Helsinki. It is located in the midst of developed areas south of Tammisalo and between Laajasalo and Vuosaari. Vartiosaari lies on the 7-kilometre radius from the Helsinki city centre.

The island has about 50 villas and vacation homes as well as about 100 other buildings. The oldest villas date back to the late 19th century. The City of Helsinki owns about half of the island’s building stock and 90 percent of the land area. Some 20 people make their home in Vartiosaari year round. Most of the buildings are used in summertime only. The commute to the island is by boat. Source

By the pier connecting the main land with the island.

The boat Oceanos docked on the main land side.

Cranes rehearsing their migration – autumn is hear.

A growing thunderstorm cloud in the south.

Mushrooms. Please let me know (sasa at if you recognise this species.

Mushrooms growing from a tree.

View towards south, south-east.

The thunderstorm cell from the fourth photograph of this series, now evolved.

The Södeskär lighthouse on the right hand side.

Unexpected art on the island, part 1.

Unexpected art on the island, part 2.

The talli, home to a goat which we did not see.

The cathedral (halkopino), a piece of art by Søren Lose.

It was raining quite a few times with thunders urging us to seek shelter indoors.

The island has a lush vegetation.

First birch leaves turning yellow.

Waiting for the boat to take us back to the main land.