The following photographs have been taken on August 12, 2018. The gallery at hand has photographs from random locations in Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Please play around with your browser’s size to get the best view of the photographs.

The first five photographs are from the canal in the eastern part of Vuosaari. At the top of the canal is the circular shaped residential building called Sateenkaari (rainbow). The canal goes all the way down to the sea.

A #smallworld or as some call this #tinyworld photo

The Finland wide known beach Aurinkolahti (Sun bay).

A Zumba class on the parking lot next to the cafe Kampela.

Small boats docked.

The following two photos are of the Aurinkolahti elementary school.

A peculiar tower in the school yard.

Have you ever wondered why parking houses are being built? In my opinion they are just a waste of landmass and usually they are very unpleasing to the eye.

Lillkallviikin puisto, a gem of a park.

The former Paulig roastery now being into a new residential area. Three of the four areas are almost done, you can easily spot them.

And the same photographs again in a more conservative gallery.