Welcome to my page documenting villa Eläintarha. Villa Eläintarha (or Villa Blom) is nowadays an artist residency. The wooden villa in the city centre situated between two bays (Töölönlahti and Eläintarhanlahti) was built in 1889 by Frans Oskar Blom. The villa is just one residency in Helsinki managed by HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme). You may have seen my page about another residency: Elias on the Fortress island Suomenlinna.

The villa is huge and has a lot of rooms and even two separate staircases. It’s quite a wondrous thing to explore the rooms and hidden corners.

If you wish to take a tour of the house you can do this virtually by strolling around the floors and rooms. Just start the tour by clicking Welcome to villa Eläintarha button below. Please note that you can look around a room by clicking and holding your mouse while moving the mouse in a 360° photo (the funnily distorted ones). I suggest you view this on a big screen and make sure to go fullscreen! Enjoy!

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