What a day indeed and more over what week! It was my last week working for the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Helsinki (UH). On May 2nd I’ll be starting as a specialist for the Exchange Services of UH, so there were (and still are) quite some loose ends to knot. My point is last week was so busy I totally forgot May 1st (vappu in Finnish) was going to be on this weekend, the whole of Finland is basically partying and becoming collectively drunk! Just I am home since I forgot to facilitate myself to a party… my family (except myself) is on the countryside until Monday, which because of work is not an option for me.

Anyway I did the best of today Saturday April last, I trained a lot, made it SuperSaturday, my second Big Day (sports jargon) of this season. Before the other dashed off to catch the train we had a quick breakfast after which I went swimming at Vuosaari Urheiluhallit. It wasn’t really a tough session although intensity was rather high, it included warm up + 2x1k + 400m, if you are interested in data you can see the polar flow data here, I was focussing on bilateral breathing and high elbow catch.
After lunch and some chilling I went running the trails of Mustavuori which is a nice hilly forest in northern part of Vuosaari. This session was more about getting my legs heavy and tired – the climbs and trails did the trick (Polar flow data is here). Now some rest and recovery before one last run as the season kick off will be on May 5th with the BodomTrail running event.

Below is clip from today’s run.

Trailrun in Vuosaari, Helsinki