After almost a week at my parents’ cottage I am back home. I was in the water every day and in such a short period of time I swam a lot – at least it felt I did. I enjoyed the freedom of openwater swimming after what has been a long indoor season. It is quite something else to swim in a natural body of water where the water temperature can change dramatically, you have wind and waves forcing you to exaggerate certain technical features such as breathing and head position. And then there is always your private free lane =) On the other hand most Finnish lakes have a muddy soil which renders the water cloudy and dark so you do not see very far and thus have no visual aides for navigation – and then again maybe it is better that way, I am not sure I would swim too comfortably knowing what is swimming and crawling beneath me.

According to my Polar flow data I have spent four hours swimming, swam 10.7 km in these five days (20.8 km for the whole of June in 10 trainings sessions a total of 8:38h). It’s funny how this feels like a lot and it probably is but according to the data from last year’s June I had accumulated 25.2 km (7 trainings sessions and a total of 7:41h), but the again I was training for my first full distance triathlon.

In any case what a nice way to start my summer holidays!

openwater swim

Here is a clip from from one of this week’s swim sessions. I had my daughter film my swimming while my father was rowing the boat and my son giving him directions =) This clip is was taken for myself for learning purpose. I can clearly see where there is room for quite a few improvements (body rotation and thus a lazy left arm).

All photos and the clip have been taken a t the same location, a secret location in the woods of central Finland =)

Openwater swim

I was using my new and old wetsuit, the new one, a hybrid wetsuit intended for swimrun a new discipline conceived in Sweden. Thanks to the very friendly Tony of I was able to pre-test the wetsuit prior to purchasing it. Based on that test swim we concluded size ML was the right one for me.

In this Facebook post (June 15 2016) I have compiled a short video about my first swim in it.

Now after four times swimming in the new wetsuit which according to the manufacturer is based on their flagship model (the same as my old one) I have come to the following conclusions. Putting on the new one is easier thanks to the front zipper. The suit feels sturdier and more rigid around the waist giving a very compact feeling during swimming, your body is more streamlined because of that yet it has increased mobility in the hip area which of course is required for running.

There might be factory related size variations within sizes for the suit I have (the same size as tested) feels shorter  and by shorter I mean the distance between the crotch area and shoulders. Upon putting on the suit I do not notice this but once swimming the following happens. Taking long strokes my arm is extended and therefore the suit is being pulled up as much as needed to accommodate for the reach. After a few strokes I can feel the suit compressing my private parts as the suit seems to be too short for me. Taking into account the size chart provided by the manufacturer my ML covers heights 183-190 cm and and weights 80-90 kg. Accordingly my figures are 179 cm and 74 kg. But maybe the suit will adjust and just like a pair of jeans find its form according to my body.

Furthermore some of the “paint” is coming off as seen on the following photograph and this only after four times of using.

Huub Amphibia

Below old and my well-served wetsuit, love it! The only downside really is taking it off, in a tri-race I loose up to 2 mins in T1 while struggling to get it off of me =) – too tight to get it over my heels.

Huub Archimedes