Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden - Luomus

In the heart of Helsinki within the Kaisaniemi park lies quietly tucked away a fabulous oasis, a gem of sorts: the botanic garden. It is operated by the Finnish Museum of Natural History, an independent research institution functioning under the University of Helsinki.

The following photographs have been taken for my own pleasure and for others to see what the botanic garden has to offer. I can only recommend you visit the garden and take a guided tour which will result in a much richer experience for you.
I have tried to put the plants in groups in line with their rooms. Any mistake is due to my inability to remember and to place the plants accordingly.

Waterlily room

Mediterranean room


Desert room

Rainforest room and Palm house

Should you notice any misplaced plants, please let me know so I can correct my shortcomings. For more online information about the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden please visit their website.