Lighthouse island Söderskär

On Saturday July 2016 we embarked on a Pörtö Line boat bound for Söderskär, the lighthouse island just off shore of east Helsinki. The boat left at 9 o’clock and it took an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the island. Here is a time lapse clip from the fare.

on our way to the lighthouse

Söderskär is made up of two main islands, the boat arrives on Majakkasaari with the lighthouse on it. The other island Luotsisaari is connected to the first one by a hanging bridge.

The following four photographs are from the arrival.

Here a selected view from Luotsisaari.

Passing back to Majakkasaari.

mini sightseeing

From and around the lighthouse on Majakkasaari.

View from the lighthouse.

view from the lighthouse

The boat leaves around twelve o’clock which gives you roughly 90 minutes to explore the islands. It’s a rather short time and even more so if you consider the fare prices which for adults 53e and 23e for children aged between 7-14 years.

For more photos from this trip please click yourself over here.

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