I have entered a new realm and with it a delicate world has opened up to me. I have bought an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) colloquially known as drone, capable of video and still photography, not the fanciest nor most expensive one, but one shooting in 4K and easily folded away for travel.
It is quite overwhelming – I could not have anticipated the feeling from both flying a drone and watching the live stream feed while flying. It is dizzying, almost intoxicating. Seeing your neighbourhood from another angle, having this extra dimension at disposal, reveals new insights and views normally not obtainable and because of this exclusivity the photos look special and represent a socio-cultural document.

Mustakivi smallworld

Here is my first blog post with aerial footage. Please make sure to go full screen (4K available) and have the sound on for the following video!

Mustakivi playground

My drone is very easy to fly, meaning that the basic directions (up, down, forward, backward, left and right) are pretty straight forward to command with two sticks – one at a time, furthermore the drone perfectly stays hovering on the three dimensional spot. But being able to shoot smooth looking panning video one has to master fluid curves which involves managing both sticks simultaneously.

More to come.