mökki 2015

We spent a week in a cottage in central Finland, here are some…


An abandoned area in Helsinki.

views from a walk

views from a walk in Vuosaari

Openwater week

Super swim week - five days of swimming.

Söderskär 2016

Trip to the Söderskär lighthouse, 2016.

panoplano – how to

A step by step guide for your own small world or tiny world photograph.

Kaunissaari 2017

Kaunissaari 2017

Vartiosaari 2017

Glimpses from Vartiosaari, 2017.

sun set at Uutela

Sun set caught from Uutela, Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Mustakivi playground

bird’s eye view

Looking at your neighbourhood from a bird's eye view.

Aurinkolahti, Vuosaari

Aurinkolahti panorama

Famous Aurinkolahti beach in Vuosaari from a bird's eye view.

Port of Helsinki, Vuosaari

Port of Helsinki, Vuosaari

Uutela, Port of Helsinki