Mustakivi playground

bird’s eye view

Looking at your neighbourhood from a bird's eye view.

sun set at Uutela

Sun set caught from Uutela, Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Vartiosaari 2017

Glimpses from Vartiosaari, 2017.

Protected: ilmasto

Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau

trail running in the Swiss Alps

Up there and back again, a trail runner's journey.

Flow 2017

Flow 2017

Flowfestival 2017

project Alps

First it was an idea or rather a simple joke which at some point - once you repeat it enough times…

Kaunissaari 2017

Kaunissaari 2017


The Kaisa library in Helsinki.

panoplano – how to

A step by step guide for your own small world or tiny world photograph.

Sea lives

Sea lives - Helsinki Festival, Night of the Arts, 2016.