The Kaisa library in Helsinki.

bird’s eye view

Looking at your neighbourhood from a bird's eye view.

Aurinkolahti panorama

Famous Aurinkolahti beach in Vuosaari from a bird's eye view.

Port of Helsinki, Vuosaari

Uutela, Port of Helsinki


Kalasatama the former harbour area now heavily re-built and turned into a…

on a Monday

Helsinki from below 150 meters, this afternoon I visited midtown and…


Helsinki from below 150 meters, I visited Tähtitorninvuori, Helsinki.

Koski TL

Rural views of Koski Tl, Finland.

pizza oven

An outdoor pizza oven built in the middle of nowhere in Finland.


#Helsinkifromabove, but below 150 meters, now Punavuori and Kamppi,…

Helsinki in July 2018

Parts of Helsinki city centre from below 150 meters, as seen in July 2018.

random views of Vuosaari

Random aerial views of Vuosaari, as seen on August 12 2018.