Moving on - my endurance endeavours in transition - exploring swimrun.

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Söderskär 2016

Trip to the Söderskär lighthouse, 2016.

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Protected: JaakkolaP

Kuvia vuodelta 2003 ja 2016 ja kutakuinkin samat ihmiset.

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August 14 2016, swimrun event called Lake to lake in Luukki.

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Everything by my side

Everything by my side by Fernando Rubio in Helsinki hosted by Helsinki Festival.

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Mexrrissey and Talmud Beach on stage of Huvila, Helsinki Festival, 2016.

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Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb and Dave Lindhol on stage of Huvila, Helsinki Festival, 2016.

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Sea lives

Sea lives - Helsinki Festival, Night of the Arts, 2016.

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panoplano – how to

A step by step guide for your own small world or tiny world photograph.

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The Kaisa library in Helsinki.

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Kaunissaari 2017

Kaunissaari 2017

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project Alps

First it was an idea or rather a simple joke which at some point - once you repeat it enough times - becomes something you cannot back off…

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