Helsinki is busy developing and building new housing areas all around the city and Vuosaari is getting a fair share of this. The latest building site, after the new high school project, is already up and well “under construction” – a massive six and some smaller ones high-rises complex will be erected next to Cirrus, Vuosaari’s landmark.

I happen to live a stone throw away from the site and was fortuned enough to get wind of this project early enough and photograph the site before any construction worker had set foot onto the site. As with my other rather long documentation projects I’ll organise my photos and videos by years. So check back and look for the latest views.

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This page is your landing site where you will find links to photos of Delfiinikortteli organised by year – I (will) have taken. If you are curious about the city’s decision making process and other related documents you may want to read the following bits:

But here are the short cuts to the year(s) and below them two panoramic views first from North and then from South. And finally at the very end you will find assorted takes of the site.

Random photos from 2020

coming soon!

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