Kalasatama back again

From time to time I revisit the area of Kalasatama, Helsinki which is undergoing heavy reshaping and rebuilding, taken on June 16, 2019.

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Kontula Electronic 2019

Kontula electronic 2019

Kontula electronic 2019, Helsinki. The festival kicked off with a gig in the metro from Tapiola to Kontula on Friday May 17. Here are a few select takes from…

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Protected: ilmasto

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Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau

trail running in the Swiss Alps

Up there and back again, a trail runner's journey.

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Flow 2017

Flow 2017

Flowfestival 2017

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project Alps

First it was an idea or rather a simple joke which at some point - once you repeat it enough times - becomes something you cannot back off anymore.

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The Kaisa library in Helsinki.

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Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb and Dave Lindhol on stage of Huvila, Helsinki Festival, 2016.

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Mexrrissey and Talmud Beach on stage of Huvila, Helsinki Festival, 2016.

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