walking around Kivinokka

A few photographs from a walk in Kivinokka, Helsinki on 10 August 2019.

Yksinäinen sieni.

Retkipäivä – guided walking tour in Meri-Rastila

The guided walking tour in the woods of Meri-Rastila was a part of the…

sunrise at Uutela

The following takes are from this morning, January 2 2020, taken in…

winter shots

Waiting for winter! a winter that never came. Southern Finland's winter…

Vuosaari landfill

Views from running up and down Vuosaari landfill on a snow less Sunday…

hanami Vuosaari 2020

Cherry trees blooming in Vuosaari, Finland - 2020

Kaunissaari 2020

Kaunissaari August 2020, camping.

winter swimming 2.1.2021

winter swimming

winter swimming 2.1.2021

The MS Finnmaid in the Port of Helsinki on Feb 2nd 2021.

MS Finnmaid

The MS Finnmaid is arriving at the Port of Helsinki on Feb 2nd 2021.

Offshore Ib, blue.

Robinson Crusoe

offshore, out and about on the frozen sea just off Vuosaari, Helsinki -…


Offshore, a few glimpses from my walk on the Baltic Sea, which in early…