Interior Decoration #1

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A few views from a riding lesson on Aug 26, 2023 in Viikki, Helsinki.

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Saarten10 – 2023

On August 5, 2023 vegaanijuoksijat ry (vegan runners club) organised their annual running happening Saarten10, this year on the island called Vartiosaari in…

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AI – combining Midjourney and GPT4

Have you heard of Code Interpreter a functionality in GPT-4? For instance it lets you upload files to OpenAI's ChatGPT and do ground-breaking things with the…

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Protected: Ioniq6

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Greek tragedy going multimodal

An oracle’s whisper sets desire loose. Two friends ensnared grapple against themselves to grasp it, finding truth where always was in a tale bridging the Greek…

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Aurinkolahti 4K

First days of what could be described as summer feelings in Vuosaari, Helsinki. A few views around the already iconic beach called Aurinkolahti, 2023.

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Sunset in Vuosaari, Aurinkolahti.

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Atlas and Hyperion

The highrises of Delfiinikortteli in Vuosaari under construction in a gloomy and eerie mood.

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