Midjourney –cref

--cref, anyone? well, this is not the name of a new programming language, instead it is a new parameter to be used in Midjourney, the generative AI text to…

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View of a frozen lake in Finland.

Ice on the water

Easter 2024, views from a trip to a lake side cabin in Finland.

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Funky Elephant 14

Photographs from Funky Elephant 14 at Tavastia, April 2008.

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Protected: Eleonora H.

Puistopolun peruskoulu, Vuosaari, 14.3.2024.

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Disturbed, the photographs are from Ruisrock 2009 in Turku, Finland. The venue was in Ruissalo.

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Koski TL


View 24 photographs that made it to the final round before choosing the 18 that are now as acoustic panels on the walls of the Learning Centre Aleksandria,…

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virtual tour home tour

Need some interior and exterior photographs of your home, house, estate for a virtual tour? Look no further. Here is a virtual tour of an apartment I created…

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Immortal, the photos are from two different gigs: Tuska Festival 2007 and Tuska Festival 2009 in Helsinki, Finland. The venue was Kaisaniemi Park.

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January 2024

Random aerial views of Vuosaari, Helsinki. January 2024.

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